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Keek is a new social media network that focuses on microvideo sharing. Users upload video status updates and are able to share them with friends or followers.
I made this new video and put it up on Keek. It got a lot of views.
by Dan1988 November 21, 2011
An extremely attractive person. To hit on an attractive person, or the act of having sex with an attractive person.
"I hooked up with that keek from the bar last night".

"That guy was so creepy. He was keekn' on me all night".

"Let's go home and keek".

by Anthony Arnold September 03, 2007
to look, glance, peek, or peep.
yo man, keek this wikipedia entry on the 'timeline of the future in forcasts', and the one about quantum teleportation.
by wodalay May 25, 2008
someone who manages to be mature, intelligent, and level-headed in situations ranging from minor peer pressure to strenuous argumentative instances, without seeming like a goody-two-shoes or suck-up.
person 1: that girl seems like such a kiss-up. she's always doing better than everyone else, it's unnerving.
person 2: nah, dude, she's actually really nice... she is a real keeks, and you should get to know her.
by qwerty lols July 29, 2009
one of the coolest people you will never meet
someone like me for an example
by kikikoski January 06, 2005
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