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A Large Mezi-Mexican.

A Zuniga
Danny: Yo man, do you see that?
Anthony: oh shit, its KEBIN HE DONT CHADDAP
Kebin: shut up guys!
by R3MY W4lTzon March 19, 2008
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1. The act of wearing a man-dress.

2. The act of sitting in a wicker chair in the nude.

3. The act of looking out a window pensively and smoking a cigarette in a long cigarette holder (see breakfast at tiffany's).

4. The act of playing strip tennis and getting LOVE on purpose.

5. The act of doing all of the above whilst being named Kebin and going by Keb.

6. If you are a male and getting prom queen sounds more appealing than getting prom king.
1. Johnny awoke to find that he'd been kebin' under the influence of rufies.

2. If getting prom king sounds like second place, you may be kebin'.
by laurelmcknishtennis123 June 21, 2010
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