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Used like the word "spunk" or "moxy", the noun zaid is used to describe an ingenius person
That kid has zaid. I like him.
by Malti Jones August 23, 2005
an awesome guy who is smart
Zaid is excellent.
by 012996 May 08, 2009
beast mode
Zaid, engage.
by You is February 04, 2010
A sexy guy who goes to CCA with a HUGE dick. He will break your shit.
Hot chick: Whos that hawt guy?

Other hot chick: THATS ZAID I WANT HIS COCK oh my jesus.
by CockMuncher155 December 07, 2010
a dude that is full of hilarity, with gigantic appeal to girls and boys. the master of ultimate. the opposite of donald.
dude, don't mess with him, that guys a zaid he will break your skull

mate, that guys a zaid, your girls got her eye on him
by beerkings June 19, 2010
ZAIDS, also known as zombie AIDS. You're most likely to get zombie AIDS during the zombie apocalypse. Some zombies carry this rare disease, and with one bite, it will infect your blood. First, you'll start feeling ill, maybe a little sick. You might get really tired, and pale. You'll have between 10 and 20 hours before you die a slow and painful death. Then, after you die, you will become a zombie, like when people normally get bitten by a zombie. The only difference is, you will have ZAIDS. And zombies with ZAIDS are much more powerful than zombies without them, their bite is more deadly, and it transforms humans into zombies a lot quicker. So, good luck during the apocalypse.
1st guy: Hey dude, this weird zombie bit me, and now I feel ill.

by IkazXgem September 18, 2010
A type of modern day spreading disease in which, when the victims are infected become what are commonly known as 'emos' or 'scene kids'.

There are many symptons, but the most primary are;
-Long hair, but with a fringe.
-Intense annoyance
-Using the phrase 'suck out'
-A wacked out taste in fasion, often trying to touch into the 80s to try be 'cool'.
-Unhealthy obesession with 'myspace'.
-Taste of 'emo' music.

The origins of the term are unknown, but is widely used by the 'non scene', especially 'metalheads'.
1. Oh no! He's caught the Zaids!
2. 'Llow that shit bruv, all those gashes got Zaids bruv'.
by Dr.Manapaletoon April 17, 2007