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Wicker Chair – Military slang term for practitioners of the Wiccan religion.
Drill SGT – “Soldier! What in the hell are you doing with that damn pentagram ring on?”

Fat chick with dyed red hair - “It’s part of my religion I’m not a devil worshiper or a witch, I worship nature and have both a god and a goddess and blah blah blah I’m so freakin’ unique and special and blah blah blah the three fold law and blah blah blah candles and covens and ….. ”

(45 min later)

Drill SGT - “Right….. so you’re one of those freaking wicker chair people that play Dungeons and Dragons and dance around a fire naked with a bunch of other fat retards while listening to that crappy Celtic music. Carry on.”
by Trav March 28, 2005
Wicker Chair-Commonly used Visalian slang for something extraordinarily cool.
"Holy shit, that's so Wicker Chair" said Mary as Janice told her about her cow-tipping extravaganza.
by Gene Kelly October 09, 2006
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