Keanus are sweet, amazing, loving guys. You never will know how much a good of a guy he is till you give him a chance! No matter what, a Keanu will always make you smile! They keep to themselves, but once you've earned their love or friendship, they'll be by your side forever. The only thing that sucks about Keanus is how sarcastic they are! It gets to a point where sometimes you don't even know when they're being sarcastic, or serious. They are also very hyper and sometimes are annoying, in a good/bad way. They're sex gods, and will always hit the right spot. The best part is, it's not all about sex for them. Keanus make the best boyfriends because they treat their girlfriends like princesses. If you're dating a Keanu, hold onto him as long as possible. As long as he loves you, you'll be happy.
Girl 1:I love all these Keanus!
Girl 2: I have one
Girl 1: Can I share him?
Girl 2: FUCK OFF bitch he is MINEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by RappyFlaes April 21, 2015
(n.) the grouping of chest hair that grows predominantly around the nipples.
"my keanu is out of control...time to trim"
by April 14, 2010
sexiest man alive.
keanu reeves is a god in bed.
by ^___^ December 02, 2003
Speed, methamphetamine, crystal
"That dude is on a good one"
"Yeah man he's tweaking on that Keanu. "
by Chadap June 30, 2016
Type of beard which the person has hairless patches on his otherwise manly face!
Whoa dude that is a most excellent keanu that bro has!
by Ted Logan November 13, 2007
Noun, adjective, verb

1. Noun: One who possesses the dual qualities of harmless stupidity and childish bewilderment.

2. Adjective: condition of harmless stupidity and childish bewilderment.

3. Verb: to simultaneously act with harmless stupidity and childish bewilderment.
Today is my wedding. I'm pretty nervous but I'm going to try to Keanu it.

I failed my driver's test for the third time. I guess I'm a Keanu.

I haven't slept in 2 days and I'm feeling pretty Keanu.
by Johanne Utah December 03, 2008
A big black jungle bunny who smells like ass typically. Usually seen with own gravitational pool.
Stanky Big lips negra Keanu
by someonewithoutanarizona January 03, 2013
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