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A hot piece of ass that most men wish they had.
dayum, did you see that keah walking down the street?
#kea #keya #keyha #hot #booty
by Dr.Machine August 11, 2008
A fun and outgoing kind of a person who loves to laugh and knows how to have a good time. She is always on time and is often early but will usually be one of the last to leave (because nobody wants her to leave because she's so much fun to have around. Actually, she's so much fun she can unwittingly make other, quite fun people, appear boring). She will usually have blonde hair and beautiful skin and may be on the shorter, more petite, side of things. A Keah is a keeper and a decent guy will realise this and marry her quick smart. Therefore Keahs quite often marry young and produce equally gorgeous children (for which human society will be eternally grateful for). Keahs are also known for being highly intelligent and very witty, they laugh daily but never at people's misfortune (unless they're which case they are often flattered that they have captured a Keah's attention). Keah's often have numerous friends and all consider Keah to be their best friend. There is the occasional riot when a Keah's friend is less than happy to meet another friend of Keah's who consider themselves Keah's bff. But in the end they all consider themselves to be lucky to know a Keah. It is a commonly acknowledged fact that the more Keahs in the world the better.
'I wish more people liked me...I wish I was a Keah'.

'Wow, look at that girl, she's so amazing and funny and talented...I bet her names Keah'.
#keah #popular #pretty #fun #amazing
by Fridaynext April 30, 2013
A celtic name, from the book "Sarum." Usually named for a girl who is known for her beauty, all the guys like her, and is known as a wifey type girl. She knows respect, and has a very fit body.
Person 1: You got a keah?
Person 2: Oh yeah , im set for life with this one.
#sarum #beautiful #fit #wifey type #respect
by Chicamami14 September 09, 2011
a susbstitution for the phrase "**** yeah!" it can be used in many somber occasions without offending any parties present. It is similar to the sound made by the ending of the profane phrase and thus makes you ALMOST as hard as actually saying it.
friend 1: "so you peep footy on that booter?"
friend 2: OH KEAH, brah! that poop was tight"
#dawp #chea #yeah #yes #affirmative #dope
by chubbybearrrr December 27, 2008
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