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A person, usually male, who is greasy in either body or spirit.
guy 1: "So Gerald made out with that 14 year old last night,"
guy 2: " isn't he 24? damn, what a skid"
by chubbybearrrr December 27, 2008
illa = cooler than
scrilla = currency
translation : illa den scrilla = cooler than cash
tyler = "yo maign, peep these 22's"
callum = "damn, dey's illa den scrilla b-rah"
by chubbybearrrr December 27, 2008
a susbstitution for the phrase "**** yeah!" it can be used in many somber occasions without offending any parties present. It is similar to the sound made by the ending of the profane phrase and thus makes you ALMOST as hard as actually saying it.
friend 1: "so you peep footy on that booter?"
friend 2: OH KEAH, brah! that poop was tight"
by chubbybearrrr December 27, 2008

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