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An Awesome, cool, attractive, reliable, sexy, smart, and funny female that is generally very kind. A "Kayti' prefers to hang out with guys although she still has very close female friends. Despite how kind Kaytis are, they always seem to find themselves in undesirable situations. A Kayti is always there for you when you need help. They are very fun to hang out with because of how crazy they can be. Most of the time they make great friends however wheeling / a relationship with an existing friend will not go far for fear of making things awkward. Kaytis are extremely attractive girls that do not cover themselves with makeup. They are very athletic and participate in many different sports.
Person 1: Did you hear (female's name) broke her arm?

Person 2: Yah, it is too bad, the worst things always happen to the nicest people.

Person 1: Yah, she's a real Kayti.

example 2

Person 1: " Why didn't you hookup with Kayti at the party?

Guy 2: "I don't know, I like her but I don't want make it awkward or lose her as a friend."

Person 1: " True but man that sucks."
by CHARLIE926 February 13, 2012
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