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Very beautiful, and can make any guy fall for her. She is hilarious, nobody can seem to keep away or keep their eyes off her! She always steals the spotlight somehow, and she deserves the attention. They are very talented at anything they put their mind to. They are amazing singers, and dancers. They are also wonderful kissers! You will be going back for more! You're extremely lucky if you meet one, because they are the ones that everybody wants in their arms. They are very athletic, and are beyond amazing at sports. Literally anything! They tend to grow up to be successful. VERY VERY VERY FUNNY, it never gets boring with Kaylees. If you find one, make her yours! I can guarentee that she will make you happy and your heart race forever in love. They are so loving and caring, they're everything you could ask for. The ones with the gorgeous brown eyes and beautiful wavy/curly hair are the ones to fall for. They are very skinny and some are pretty tall. You won't regret meeting a Kaylee.
Because that's what a Kaylee is, LUCKY ASS.

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