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The FUNNIEST FUNNIEST girl you could ever possibly meet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She's absouluty AMAZING!

She's REALLY REALLY talented she can do almost anything possible...Kaylee's tend to be REALLY REALLY into music, and are amazing singers, and musicians. They are the most beautiful girls. They are really really sexy. The ones with the "Blue eye's & Natural blonde hair" are the sexiest of all. (Most dye it though) Most become famous before the age of 13... The music mostly runs in the family...She's hilarious and is a total dare-devil. They have the best lips and are the best kissers. They have the prettiest eyes...Most are blue. They are a crack-up, and people can't stay away or keep their eyes off of her. She's usally tall & very skinny. She's probably the most popular girl in the entire school, so your really lucky if you get a chance to make her yours for a while. Their not heartbreakers. They love long relationships and can really keep you entertained. She has the most amazing sense of humor and they never EVER get you bored. They are very crazy & outgoing.

Most play every single instrument possibly known. The guitar is her best friend. She can make any guy fall for her in a single conversation. Guys will do anything for her and become her best friends. She's not like other girls at all she's very different, and loves music and jokes.

So, if your lucky enough to have her has a friend, espeicialy as a guy, go get her! She's very rare and hard to find! :D
"That's Kaylee, Gosh she's so talented...SHE'S SO FUNNY! :D"
by UrbanDictionaryOfficialTeam March 02, 2010

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