an extremely intelligent young woman. usually has bright blue eyes, dark brown hair, and pretty short.
that girl was such a kayla...
by fresnogirl0817 August 31, 2008
Someone who is perfect in every way. She is funny, and goofy at times, but other times she can make you feel like the luckiest man alive. She is caring and a real athlete, someone who you will always remember. Not the tallest, but her personality makes up for her size. She might scare you sometimes, but you'll get used to it! In short, she is perfect and beautiful. Although she may not agree, it's true so she needs to stop thinkin she's fat an' ugly!
Who is that?

That's Kayla, why?

She's the most perfect person I've met!
by Philly Willy Billy Boo August 18, 2010
A hard girl to put you finger on. She's beautiful, very funny and loyal. She's amazing at almost everything she does. She is always there for you and ready to give a helping hand. She doesn't love too easily but when she does love she gives it her all. She will give everything for the people she loves. She's the girl to look out for.
"Did you meet Kayla? She's like no one I've ever met"
by TheONEBOOM! January 25, 2012
Most generally have gorgeous and straight brown hair, and chocolate brown eyes. She may not be very tall, but she's always full of more energy than you'd think possible. She's a great friend and a bit of a clutz. Her eyelashes are super long and she is usually a bit of a dumb-blonde. Once you've met her, you never forget her.
Wow,that Kayla sure has a lot of energy!
Kayla is the biggest clutz I've ever seen!!!
by 00011122233344455666777888999 January 23, 2009
Most generally have gorgeous and straight brown hair, and chocolate brown eyes
Kayla’s are energetic beyond comprehension! Make a lot of Mistakes in there life time. They have unlimited imagination and enjoy Anime, video games, gambling and fantasy. They are conventionally beautiful but enjoy a tom-boyish lifestyle, unfettered by tons of make-up, fashion trends and gossip. They are good in math and also enjoy history. Sometimes She may act like she's 6 but that’s the best part. She is lazy but will do anything for you. The most beautiful girl to walk the earth. The Most random person in the world. Will dance and sing to any specific music. Most likely to be blonde. Kayla’s are not skinny but not fat cares a lot about her family and especially her friends. Tends to be very emotional at times, all in all, she's hard to understand, hard to describe any further, she's not normal, but she's not weird, she's just a Kayla.
can make mistakes, kayla, a girl name, goofy, crazy
by Unknown0123 August 10, 2009
a frigging awesome girl she will love you like a lover should
omg kayla is an awesome girlfriend
by well im screwed November 25, 2009
A legendary young woman who is extremely attractive and has just the perfect size breasts. Often comes off as innocent but is prone to be corrupted by those around her.
Should I ask Kayla out? She is pretty hot!
Totally man, go for it!
by Iamalegend August 16, 2014

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