A short, beautiful lady who makes up for it in confidence. Takes shit from no one, whoever it is. She has a soft side, and a caring for others, even though she may not always show it. Cynical as all hell, but knows when to be sensitive towards others. Always knows what she's doing, even when she doesn't. She can always seem like the wise one in any situation. Everything someone would want, plus a whole lot more you won't expect.
That Kayla is not a qua mcqua.
by haroldwashismiddlename August 26, 2014
A drop-dead gorgeous girl that takes your breath away. She is stunning, hilarious, smart and an overall dork. She can make everyone laugh, and has the most amazing smile in the world. You can't help but fall in love with her. There is not ONE thing that I would change about her she is flawless, except her knee. She is absolutely beautiful inside and out and she deserves the very best. Never bite your lip. She is amazing.
1- Kayla if you don't understand just re-read and flip it.
2- "This one time, at band camp there was a girl named Kayla and she was just out of control! Don't you think?
" It's never to much bro."
3-When im around Kayla my heart just isn't pumpkin enough oxygen to my brain
by -PoopHead- December 17, 2011
Kayla is a female name. Most Kayla's are shy at first but once you get to know them they are all around fun, really goofy, and wont care what people have to say about them. In relationships, Kayla's fall in love hard. They give gifts, plan romantic dates and check up on their partners to make sure they are okay. However, Kayla's are petty and will get mad over anything. They can even break up with their partner over something as little as looking at someone else. All in all, Kayla's are good people with a little flaws.
Person 1: "Did you hear about Kayla?"
Person 2: " No what happpened?"
Person 1: "She broke up with her partner for touching someone else."
Person 2: "Wow thats really petty of her."
by wisestofthemall January 04, 2015
A sarcastic, beautiful, lovely, funny, although sometimes very blunt woman. Makes your day when you're down. The boys will follow after her. Sometimes can be a fucking bitch, but who's not, come on!
Kayla: Hey girlie, what's up?
Friend: I got an F on my Spanish Test.
Kayla: Hey, Mr. Touchie is a douche bag who couldn't do the work himself.

Friend: -laughs- Hey thanks!

Kayla: No prob. Let's go get ice cream, shall we?
by Lemon Squares November 13, 2014
A girl who is a perfectionist, she has to have everything right, most of the time. She is also super smart and not known to break rules, even though she can do it a few times. This makes her many many enemy's, especially those immature boys. She has one or two girl enemies. She is most likely best friends with an Emily or an Mallory. Her enemies are usually friends with her friend and that makes a fuss. Most liekly to be enemies with an Alyssa.
Emily: will you come to my party
Kayla: will Alyssa be there? Will it be perfectly planned out?
Emily: yes and no
Kayla: sorry busy that day
Emily: I didn't say what day it'll be...
by Lifetime October 13, 2014
The prettiest girl on earth,popular and is sweet as candy she would start singing at random moments no matter where she is. THE FUNNIEST EVER
boy: who is that short girl singing over there Girl:that must be a kayla
by aboy483289324 January 19, 2015
She is a beautiful woman who you really can't use any word to describe her with except Perfect. She is Beautiful, Smart, Talented, funny, creative, has a great personality and is fairly easy to talk to.
Wow, when ever i look at her my heat skips a beat.

Must be a Kayla.
by TripleThreat XXX November 30, 2011

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