Kayla stands for "Queen" in the Italin language. Kaylas are energetic beyond comprehension! They have unlimited imagination and enjoy Anime, video games, gambling and fantasy. They are conventionally beautiful but enjoy a tom-boyish lifestyle, unfeathered by tons of make-up, fashion trends and gossip. They are good in math and also enjoy history.
Kayla is more beautiful than you would imagine, being that she is so into anime and video games.
by Siciliansag August 05, 2008
A sometimes shy, nice girl.

Also known as the queen of the hottness.
Person 1: "Who is that marvelous girl?"

Person 2: "You don't know?!?! That's Kayla!! Queen of hottness!!"

by partialsanity January 03, 2007
Amazing person, funny, creative, can think of anything evil on the spot, has a great personilty, easy to talk to, stroty teller, amazing friend, soulmate, evil >:]
shes such a kayla
by bella4444444 February 22, 2009
A beautiful petite young woman. Simply

described as Perfect! This female most often

has blue eyes and a fair complexion with

porcelain skin. Often being more delicate and

dainty than the average woman, she is

perfectly proportioned. She is very outgoing,

has a great sense of humor and is a loyal

friend to those she finds deserving. She is

also extremely intelligent, with exceptional

grades. Being such an excellent student, she's

most often found in accelerated classes.

Kayla means "Wise child"
and "Keeper of the Keys" in English
"Wise child" in Arabic
"Queen" in Italian
"Pure" in African
"Beloved" in Greek
"Crown of Laurels" in Hawaiian
"Who is like God" in Hebrew

Kayla is a great friend. She sincerely cares about people.
by classyderiddergirl January 19, 2009
The love of your life and the only person who you trust. Always someone who will make you smile and laugh. Beautiful beyond comparison even if she does not realize it. Sizzilingly sexy in every way and hotter than the sun she is nevertheless extremely smart. Not just someone you want to have crazy monkey sex with but someone who you want to marry.
Ryan: Wow! That girl is hot! I would do unspeakable things just to kiss her.
George: Who? The one with the nose piercing?
Ryan: Hell yeah! The Kayla over there.
by fingerbang1992 August 23, 2009
the sexiest girl alive! a very crazy and free-spirited chick. hyper and random most of the time. *amazingggg in every aspect. nice to everyone, except people she doesn't like. bangin body, awesome personality; everything you wish you could be. ***slightly conceited!
I wish I could be like Kayla... /:
by *kaylaaaaa:] January 29, 2009
The one words can't describe
kayla you have me speechles
by richbitch09 April 13, 2009
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