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The one words can't describe
kayla you have me speechles
by richbitch09 April 13, 2009
Most generally have gorgeous and straight brown hair, and chocolate brown eyes. She may not be very tall, but she's always full of more energy than you'd think possible. She's a great friend and a bit of a clutz. Her eyelashes are super long and she is usually a bit of a dumb-blonde. Once you've met her, you never forget her.
Wow,that Kayla sure has a lot of energy!
Kayla is the biggest clutz I've ever seen!!!
by 00011122233344455666777888999 January 23, 2009
a bright,sexy,goofy,sometimes shy but talented girl who knows how to have fun.kayla has made lots of mistakes in her life but has overcome them.she is very brave and has dealt with lots of pain and loss and tends to hide away her pain.she is a funny character not weird just kayla.friends are most important to her and she cares for everyone of them.she has passion for dance and music(and will dance to almost anything anywhere) and is generally found in accelerant classes.she is very upfront about her mistakes and doesnt mind people knowing her past.whenever she says iloveyou she generaly means it.she may be found to have low self esteem and think shes ugly but kayla is very pretty even though she may not think that herself.underneath all the barriers kayla is a caring person with a big heart and huge imagination.every guy should have a kayla.
sanford:whose that girl dancing over there?

josh: you dont know who that is?
thats kayla

sanford: i knew it.
by iloveyouheapz August 19, 2011
The most beautiful amazing girl in the world:)
Person1-See that girl over there
Person2-yep shes a kayla
by bob_pop April 27, 2009
an extremely intelligent young woman. usually has bright blue eyes, dark brown hair, and pretty short.
that girl was such a kayla...
by fresnogirl0817 August 31, 2008
Kayla is a beautiful woman with medium sized boobs. She has a big ass, and nice curves. She can be insecure about herself, but means good. She always goes out of her way to make people feel good. One hot mama.
I met a girl named kayla last night, and she rocked my world.
by liketofuck1234 February 13, 2010
A GODDESS!! The most beautiful the sweetest and the smartest girl. Every guy wants her. Once she is in your life never let her go. She looks alot older than she is but in a good way. Even though shes 4 years younger I wish she would be my girlfriend and not believe that he said i have a girlfriend. Shes the ONLY girl for me.
The prettiest 13 year old ever. Kayla
by T.MandM.G March 21, 2010