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An extremely attractive girl who is innocent but still lots of fun. Often chased by more than one guy at a time and can be indecisive, which just makes her more attractive. often has pretty amazing hair.
Wow! that girl is really hot she must be a Kaycie.
by Red274 February 11, 2009
A girl who is amazing in every way who is always fun to be around and is funny and kind and always knows what to say who is loved by all those who know her
That girl is pretty amazing she must be a kaycie
by BradPanda November 11, 2011
Beautiful even though she doesn't know it and a great best friend, don't cross a Kaycie, cause revenge is her favorite game. However if you're lucky enough to know a Kaycie and be on her good side, you will have a great person to talk to about anything and party with. Usually with large, but perky boobs
"Wow, she's so pretty! and really sweet! Must be a Kaycie"
"Be careful though, I heard she can easily ruin your life"
by Kitty-cat September 07, 2013

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