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The act of paddling or surfing a kayak. In a kayak you sit flat with the legs straight out, and you typically use a kayak paddle with a blade on each end of the paddle, however a canoe paddle or hand fins or hands can be used. In solo kayaks you sit in the center of the kayak, and in tandem kayaks you sit either close together or more towards the end. There are lots of different types of kayaks to go kayaking in. These include but are not limited to white water play boats, river kayaks, sit on top kayaks, sea kayaks, expedition kayaks, and tandem kayaks.
I think some people prefer kayaking alone to canoeing with another person because they don't have to do all the work, when they are stuck with a jerk who refuses to paddle. In some cases they like the freedom of kayaking alone because it allows them to get very very far away from the person they are paddling with.
by mlhiss April 02, 2008
The act of consuming alcoholic beverages in excessive amounts while not meeting the legal age requirements of society.
Dan: Hey I think Peter went Kayaking last night.
Fred: Yeah, I know. It looks like he has a hangover...
by Zarradeth March 16, 2007
Smoking weed
she realy liked kayaking
by digifu June 20, 2004