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n. An extremely fine looking man.
That Kaufman is so incredibly hot.

I'm so jealous of Amy, she's dating a Kaufman.
by Rizzle April 19, 2005
This happends when a guy fucks the shit out of a girl and leaves her drained and addicted for life.
I pulled "The Ricamo" with that girl, and damn I cannot get her off my dick!
by Rizzle May 06, 2004
Fatass jay
yo dizzle lets go blizze this canyonizzle (hello dog, let us go blaze this fat joint filled with chronic)
by Rizzle November 04, 2003
Someone who uses the Macintosh OS, in other (more accurate) words, your king. For other examples see God, Holy Man, Person Who Is Much Better Than You Becuase You Have No Idea How To Choose A Computer. For the exact opposite of a Mac User, see Idiot
Bob: Joe, I bow down to your almighty superiority, for I am a lowly PC User

Joe: Thank you Joe, someday you will become a Mac User like me and your life will be complete
by Rizzle April 17, 2005
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