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A common Jewsih last name. A frequent German surname. It is also a common Ashkenazi Jewish surname. It can also be found in similar forms, such as Katzer.
Person A: I'm taking this really hot chick from school to meet my parents tonight.
Person B: Really? Who?
Person A: Jessica Katz.
Person B: Dude, your dad is a priest...
by B-Kat February 20, 2007
noun, adjective

1. anything that is pleasing or pleasurable; to one's liking
2. used to describe something fun or joyful
3. can be used as a substitute for "yes"
4. can be used any way generally along these guidelines, as one may deem appropriate
I love Urban Dictionary, it's katz man.
by itskatz June 16, 2010
I had Katz on the beach .
by sammmieee c. November 09, 2008
A cuntlikker with addictions. Has short temper. Most likely involved in organized crime. A Jewish thug.
Yo, what's up Katz?
Katz: Whoaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
by Mordavia la Fab October 11, 2013
A cat that is spelt wrong probably by a human with a speech impediment
Thothe shtupid katz are sho f*ckn annoyshing
by jew kat October 06, 2010
The partial clan name for the Kool Kitty Katz, and a common misspelling of the word cats.
the Kool Kitty Katz
by Elijahdice October 27, 2013
A socio-group that is considered "cool" for one reason or another. Often a bunch of gang-banging druggoes banding together in a particular environment. Name is derived from a taunt they use for one another
"The Katz think they're all that"
"Why does everyone bother respecting the Katz?"
by Y745 September 23, 2003

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