Someone who is friends with everyone, nice on the outside, but has major issues on the inside! Can be very nice and fun-loving but likes to manipulate her closest friends, and treat them badly. Seeks attention constantly because she's secretly insecure with herself, because of this, she is an incredibly bitchy girl.

Do not be fooled by a Kates first impression.
Girl 1: What you up to Friday?

Girl 2: Hanging with Kate

Girl 1: Uh oh, be careful, she's a piece of work!
by Needtoletitout April 28, 2010
In Blackadder, Kate is short for Bob.
Blackadder: What's your name, boy?
Kate: Kate
Blackadder: That's an odd name for a boy...
Kate: Erm...short for Bob.
by May Contain Nuts September 23, 2007
One who fails.
God! You are such a kate dude!
by KP=FAIL December 21, 2008
a kate is a common word used to describe an irish wannabe whore who wishes she was a stoner. she may come out with stupid/random sayings that bear no relation to the conversation just to be a random emo. she is two faced and will not tell you she dislikes you, preferring to express this on the back of bathroom doors, along with many silly untalented drawings of bongs that exhibit how hardcore she is. she wants to have a name for herself as being a whore but actually she can only score little virgin boys bcoz she has (eternally) greasy hair and a jewish nose. also she thinks she is a talented artist but she can only draw shitty little manga/emo/mushrooom pics.
kate: oh my god guys, i totally wana get stoned off my face, i'll go get some of that hardcore shit from the head shop

other: oh kate, you're so random. after this you wanna go write shit on bathrooms?
by ihkaiiwutmiwphiah May 21, 2009
a noun for a tuma on the lower part of the body
hmmm...Looks like you have a Kate on your ass
by Miss Waffles April 06, 2009
Something that is 'gash' (or naff, crap, rubbish, lame etc). Derived from the rhyming slang of 'Kate Nash' meaning 'gash'.
"That film last night was proper Kate, the storyline was crap and there wasn't any eye candy in it!"
usually refers to girl who is mentally retarded and eats her own feaces. Kate's have been known to be prone to spontaneous acts of random violence, biting their victims and then throwing up. Prone to hysterical crying.
Oh my god did you just see that Kate? lets run i dont fancy getting bitten, covered in feaces or being subjected to benile sobbing.
by rodgering April 29, 2008

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