she is too sexy for words, very talented in every way and so much fun to be with--the ultimate PERFECT female--but not the intimidating kind--the kind that all the girls want to be her friend and all the guys want to be her man! If you know a "KAT" and she considers you her friend,consider yourself very lucky!!!
Kat and the girls went out on the town for a serious girl's night out that lasted two days!
#kitty #cat #kit #kaitlin #kitkat
by jon anchovi February 05, 2010
A very nice sweet girl who likes to joke around and hang out with her friends. She sometimes is a bit harsh, but for good reason. She is an otaku and is a very smart popular girl.
It's a KAT
#pie #sing #do #it #now
by asdhaslfbsdlkjnsdfdjabgadg August 18, 2009
Coolest Person (Trendsetter)
You heard Kat is a veggie im going to be one to know

#cool #chain smoking #veggie #kat #kathryn
by sorayaaaa April 24, 2009
Prettiest, most beautiful girl you will ever meet.

A sexy nerd.

Super confident, 24/7.

Extremely nice.

Is shy if you don't know her well.

Loves to laugh and make others laugh.

Smart and only flaunts it sometimes.

Hates dumb blondes.

A talker.

Loves to flirt and is good at it.

Won't stay in a relationship for the life of her.

Still looking for the perfect guy, even though people tell her there's no such thing.

Hates people who call her "Katherine".

An intense, competitive athlete.

Loves being crazy and funny and just letting go, all the time.

Full of quirks.

Wackiest person you'll ever meet.

My best friend!
All the girls want to look like her and be like her, all the guys want to go out with her, everyone wants to make her laugh and be her friend.
That is a Kat.
#i #love #kat #to #death
by rawr.me eat you October 02, 2011
The most awesome.
"Who is the most awesome?"
"Kat is, you idiot."
#awesome #awesomer #awesomest #awesomerest #awesomester
by ALL KNOWING GOD. May 02, 2010
A confident yet shy, fun loving girl who can be slightly wacko at times but in a sexy way.
She's kind but can kick ass when she wants to.
She is also a really great kisser so is never short of boys.
Loves to just kick back and shop with the girls
#fun #pretty #popular #kind #tough #airhead
by Name expert5869642638 July 14, 2011
Kat is one of the most gorgeous, fun, loveable person you will ever meet.. Even if shes in year 7 ;] Shes really good at dancing too, and likes holding hands with year 8s (L)
Chloe: Hey Kat you danced great last night!
Kat: Yeah mayte its cause im cool 8-|
#kat #katerina #gorgeous #stunning #beautiful
by Windy Miller xo March 03, 2007
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