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a polish lasse who is wise beyond her years and has large boobs
dude brah, that girl is a total kasia
by Wes March 31, 2005
lil horny ho, da best friend sum1 could ask 4;) sistaz 4 life keepin it real wurddd, also known as blondie, but a cute n sexy one, gets all da men even if she dun want em..sweet gal
the blondness keeps Kasia alive
by Uknown February 28, 2005
1. Bitch-pig;
2. Traitorous backstabber;
3. A really bad girlfriend;
4. Basically the equivalent of a two-year old with ADD but the sex drive of a pornstar who can't keep her pants on... etc.
Even though Evan loved Kasia, she cheated on him because she'a a bitch-pig.
by patheimathos February 22, 2005
Usually a really "dumb" Polish whore who sleeps around with everyone in your town. Also to be considered a homewrecker
Kasia is such a bitch. She sleeps with dirty Arabs.
by Peter McFuksalot November 13, 2007