A "Lady" that resembles a woman yet for all intents and purposes is a man. Not necessarily a hermaphodite; however there is some gender confusion. She makes toilet while standing, greets each morning with a thunderous flatulent and is an all around meathead.
Yeah I went out with that Mexican girl Kara but all she kept doing is quoting movie lines and acting like a total KARL. And I'm pretty sure she was wearing Old Spice deodorant
by El Roberto! November 05, 2007
Top Definition
A really cool guy, nice once you get to know him. He isn't the best looking guy in the world but makes a great pal and will take care of his friends and his woman. Dislikes most people upon meeting them. Saves time from hating them later. Falls in love at first sight once a year. Never gets that girl though. Some day he will. Also extremely funny and sarcastic.
That guy is one cool Karl.
by HKKK April 01, 2005
big sexy beast, great in bed, every girl loves but doesnt know yet...
oh my god that guys such a karl
by jesus christ December 23, 2004
Possibly the best boyfriend a girl can ever have. He's funny, nice and an all around good guy to be around with. He has his flaws (like everyone else on this goddamn earth), but in the end, he's the best thing tbats ever happened to you.
Wow, that is one lucky girl. Karl always treats her right.
by ariam delgarssi March 16, 2009
My dream guy. Never met anyone like him before. I'm so happy I know him. Wish he'd be mine..
That sweet blue eyed girl from our school is meant to be with Karl!
by T.G. December 13, 2004
An Awsome guy,
with a good personality.
Great to hang around,
Better too get drunk with (:

"Your such a Karl"
by KikiGutterMouth April 06, 2009
He's the guy that you never forget, because once he's got your heart, you never want him to give it back.
He has a lot of silly tantrums, but no-body minds because he's a nice guy. He is also very very random with a wierdly shaped head and loves his family very much.
If you find a karl who tells you he loves you, believe him and most importantly; let him.
Karl - 'i will always be yours.'
Girl - 'i know.
by Miss kj February 05, 2010
A total sexypants; incredible. An all round sex god.
Karl is such a sexypants.
by S.A.M March 05, 2007
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