A clump of fecal matter (poo) stuck to the back of a man's testicles after an espicially messy session in the loo.
I had dingleberriess and karls everywhere last night after that vindaloo
by sanchezandjebus69 January 23, 2013
Big hairy sexy bitch
That gorilla is a karls
by Guyatthestudyhalltable December 12, 2010
1. The mis-spelled version of a psychopath that fucking loves llamas. (Carl)
Bob- Hey, I'm goint to a llama convention on Tuesday.
Other Bob- Dude, you should totally take Karl(Carl)
by CuberCube October 24, 2012
Full of himself, chode ass hoe, lazy ass dump, gay ass niggahh, pumperniggah spice, white rapper, korean gaylord, bartender at hooters, lives in Minnesota 55438, Dred Scott area. Who also loves to play laser tag at Grand Slam. you know who you are nigga.
Oh, look its a gay ass Karl ; )
by khatia&bellen May 05, 2011
"Dude, that's your sixth doughnut! Did you talk to Karl this morning?"
by Rudiskranberry February 17, 2012
Sarcastic little sod that listens to your daily bitch/rant as long as you listen to his, you can talk to him for fucking hours and be totally entertained even with a high intelengence (like myself) he's still great to talk to.

also hes a respectable guy that beats up women
Omg ur sho totlly ryt hes such a karl
by ViolenceAgainstWomanWeSayYES January 20, 2011
When douchebag, jerk or asshole doesn't suffice the definition of a person's attitude or personality.
1. "You just pulled a Karl"
by timryah June 19, 2011

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