(noun) ĸərɭ:
1. Someone who follows the marxist teachings closely.
2. Someone is is exceptionally bright, quick-witted and snarky.
3. Slang term meaning "to take a long time to make a decisions," based on an old Pagan term.
Person #1: I’m really not that funny....
Person #2: Don’t sell yourself short. You are totally a Karl.
by Don'ttellmewhattodo December 15, 2014
A boys name, he usually masturbates in the shower. Has a good sense of humor. Very very hot, you might pop one! Watch out ladies.
Karl has a nice ass
Karl loves women
Karl is trustworthy
by amber8 July 07, 2011
A large stature male that wears compression shorts to a public pool. Then has everyone watch him because of the package that he carries. But other than his event, he is a tall, very well built man that sweeps a woman off her feet. And very very sexy
Boy: " Hey, what is that guy doing with that on?"
Girl: " I don't know but I like what he has. He's pulling a Karl right now."
by @LilHoney33 October 08, 2011
An insult involving calling someone whatever they just mentioned, regardless of relevancy
Example of a classic Karl:
"That's a nice waterfall"
"YOU'RE a waterfall."
by ParkaPal September 23, 2009
Just a guy's name, that's all.
This guy's name is Karl.
by Nobody August 16, 2003
To crash something.

To break something.

To crash into something with your brand new car/chopper/plane.

To break your wheels.
I just karled my new suv 2 seconds after getting it.

Shit, i totally just did a karl.
by Darshiva June 28, 2014
Verb: To Karl is to start an activity or situation well, only to end in mild catastrophe or irony. Other forms: Karling, Karled.
Used in a sentence: The situation is all Karled up.
For example: To Karl:A salesman arrives early and meets someone for an important business meeting, but shakes the client's hand with a wet hand after exiting the bathroom, therefore leaving the client in a less than favorable state. (true story)
by AngelTooth July 01, 2013

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