When douchebag, jerk or asshole doesn't suffice the definition of a person's attitude or personality.
1. "You just pulled a Karl"
by timryah June 19, 2011
1.one who farts at the worst of times
2.a woman the looks like a man (also see female mustache)
1. okay, who pulled a Karl?

2. person one: Dude, today i saw a total Karl.

person two: oh my goodness, beard or mustache?

person one: black mustache.

also see: female mustache
by thats_not_what_she_said October 31, 2010
Homeless person/group of people huddled in street corners
Hey look at that poor Karl with his moped!
by KYAMW April 27, 2008
A "Lady" that resembles a woman yet for all intents and purposes is a man. Not necessarily a hermaphodite; however there is some gender confusion. She makes toilet while standing, greets each morning with a thunderous flatulent and is an all around meathead.
Yeah I went out with that Mexican girl Kara but all she kept doing is quoting movie lines and acting like a total KARL. And I'm pretty sure she was wearing Old Spice deodorant
by El Roberto! November 05, 2007
A name used to reference a total stalker. A Karl has at least 6 restraining orders on his record due to crimes such as computer hacking, breaking and entering, and creating full shrines of a particular girl in his room. He would steal dirty underwear and collect hair from a drain. Can be spotted due to a not so inconspicuous unibrow.
Sarah: "I'm sleeping, wtf are you doing underneath my bed...Oh god...You're a Karl aren't you?...And pluck that unibrow, that's disgusting."
by VCAC August 28, 2008
The name given to a half breed.
Not very smart.
He's super cool to be friends with,sweet and kind hearted.
He gets the ladies but if you are the girlfriend of a Karl;watch out!He wont show his true colors till you're wrapped around his finger.Then you should probably run away.FAR AWAY!!!
Karl will never keep a girl.He cant even keep a boner.
Karl will say "I love you" within a month of dating.
Karl will break up with a girl for no reason then he'll make your life hell.
Karl sucks at life.
If your name is Karl you should probably change it immediatly.
Might turn gay one day
Someone you'll regret
Karls don't brush their teeth.EVER
is karl gay?
I thought so
by gingerbabe12 October 04, 2010
A very manly person who is gaybones for his classmates, while he is constantly asking if others want some money, aswell as if they know what the class is doing.
Andrew: Hi Karl!

Karl: what are we doing?!? Damn i'm gaybones for you!
by g4ytown March 24, 2010
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