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An odd first name because it could easily be mistaken for a first and last name.
An amazingly beautiful blonde lady who is just fun to be around. She is the kind of person who will help you out whenever you need a friend. Just her smile will make your day. She is somewhat wacky and crazy when she is with her friends. But bottom line is she is just the kind of lady a man would kill to be with.
Guy 1 "Hey who is that beautiful lady?"
Guy 2 " That's Kari-Ann the most amazing person you will ever meet."
by GAllenT August 15, 2011
Cool girl that Nate knows. Who jumpped in a pile of leaves.
I didn't see Kariann in a pile of leaves. She is short.
by Nate October 31, 2004
The girli that made my nails beautiful. Oh yeah Kariann is the neatest person ever. She is silly cause she thinks she could beat me up. What she forgets is that I have a blackbelt in Kari-Tae.
I used the strategy I learned in Kari-Tae to win the line game.
by Nath November 10, 2004

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