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Usually a very down to earth girl with a smile and personality that lights up a room. She would never miss any occasion to party and is always up to smoking a nice blunt. Karianne usually doesn't care what others think of her and is extremely pretty. Usually Blonde Karianne is funny and is not afraid to show her true colours.
Micheal ; " hey, Karianne you going to that bush party this weekend?"

Karianne ; "Of course I am is that even a question! I'll bring a nice fat J too."
by blobster_blip December 07, 2010
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A pretty, Norwegian girl who likes to drink beer. She is known to own a lot of beer, and she has her own song.

She is known to get pretty drunk, and nobody can stop her when has started to drink her beloved beers.
Venn: Fader'a Karianne, har du no øl?
(Friend: Fuck it, Karianne, got a beer, or what?)


Karianne har du øl, Karianne har du øl. Karianne, Karianne har du øl?

The Karianne song:

Karianne you've got a beer, Karianne you've got a beer? Karianne, Karianne, you've got a beer?
by tøffelpiratene November 08, 2010

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