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Kari Sweets is an Online Non-Nude Model, being online since late 2004, Kari has been revealing more and more with every photo set. However everyone doubts she will go nude. Hottest booty on the net. She was NNmodel 2006, and NNmodel of my bed 2005-Today.
Mark: Did you see those Photos of Kari Sweets?
John: Yeah, I'd like to Spend a night with her
Paul: I'd like to spend 3... And thats just on her rear!
by Darth-Spark August 26, 2006

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1. A reason to masturbate.
2. What happened when God decided to give a damn.
Take three lumps of sugar, a little bit of sunshine and two ass cheeks that defy imperfection, stir: Kari Sweets.
by fantasticwoodpaneling December 01, 2006