A martial art that originated in Okinawa. It lost it's good reputation when it stretched out to the western world and started producing false techniques and used their teachings primarily for money. Karate is often misinterpeted for a martial art that is ineffective and homosexual, but when used in it's true form is actually one of the most deadliest martial arts
Jim: Hey Jesse your a fag! Now I must fight you using my karate.

Jesse: Jim I don't wanna fight you, I'll probably end up killing you with my far superior karate skills.
by <SP> August 08, 2006
When you are upset enough with someone to where you want to hurt them, or cause physical harm. Usually an unarmed punch, kick, chop, or variation thereof.
"Dude, say that again and I'll karate you in the face."
by kracklyn February 23, 2010
A Japanese word commonly mispronounced by Americans. See karaoke
Karate is pronounced Kah-Rah-Teh, not Ka-Rat-Ti.
by Ookpick GooseFrubba August 19, 2005
Karate. is for kicking peoples asses.
with karate I'll kick your ass, here to tiananmen square.
oh yeah, motherfucker,
I'm gonna kick your fuckin' derriere. yeh yehh
you broke the rules,
now I'll pull out all your pubic hair!
you motherfucker.
you motherfucker.
by gfsggggggggggggsfgsert43 June 09, 2009
a martial art style originating in okinawa. it lost its good rrep wen it became a mainstream object of money and advertising. although many do not teach it in the traditional way, sum styles of karate do teach elements such as grappling, rolling and falling(known to be from jujitsu), soft and circular techniques(from kung-fu) and pressure point attacks. the traditional style of te(original name for karate) included all of these.
jujitsu guy goes to karate guy
im gonna beat ur ass with grappling
he tries but karate guy throws him and then does a kick to his face(while jujitsu guy is laying on the ground)
karate guy then walks away
by yo_homie_makaveli November 16, 2006
Basically karate when translated means empty hands meaning its only uses hand to hand combat no weapons to fight.
Dont mess with him man he can fuck you up with one finger because he has a black belt in karate.
by Alex Kim January 10, 2004
What weak kids think they can use to beat others up.
George: Hey you're my bitch now!
Kid: You shouldn't talk to me that way, I take Karate!
George: Oh yeah, well I can still kick your ass!
by bitchbisquiteer August 15, 2012
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