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"Kamelåså" is a made-up faux-Danish word by Norwegian comedy show Uti Vår Hage, meant to ridicule the perceived unintelligibility of Danish language (apparently by Danish people themselves as well). Often used by Norwegians to pick on Danes.
Storekeeper: "I didn't know what the fuck a 'syggelekokle' was, so I just gave him some teip-rests."
Customer: "I don't know what he gave me, but it was wrong. So I just had to take a wild shot, so I just said the word 'kamelåså'..."
by Gargaj September 17, 2008
Is the nickname of the 175 year old legendary Danish dynamite FX dealer based in Connecticut
I have a small amount of Norway Dollars?
Take the screen Kamelåså, take the screen!
by Huddly Tuddly December 10, 2010
Danish word meaning "I am a stupid norwegian, please ridicule my appearance and personality."
Norweginan: Kamelåså!
Dane: Your clothes smell and you need swift pedal attacks to your backside.
by Martin K November 21, 2007

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