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The nickname of the laziest mutha' you will ever meet. Often used in reference to pulling a stupid move in a video game, such as killing yourself or scoring for the other team. Usually phrased as 'Pulling a Kamel.'
"Again... I just jumped of the damn bridge!"

"You pulled a Kamel!"
by Anonymous April 07, 2005
kamels=pandora north face backpacks...north face jacket...stright hair...american eagle jeans...sparkly eye shadow. the only known kamel with no humps (if you know what i mean)
by utopia powerful November 09, 2007
Another word used to describe one of those STD ridden slags found at any common night club. These slags could also apply for a Sperm bank license seeing as they practically leak cum everywhere.
Pimp Daddy dan: Oooo man look at that sweet piece of booty over there

Pimp Daddy pete: wooo fuck that man she's a Kamel, she spilling cum everywhere. i bet she doesent even have a license.
by Bromofo3434 May 18, 2008
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