To choke or cough in a loud obvious way to draw attention to something unbelievable, outrageous or gross.
I totally kacked at that dude Kim brought to the party.
by PyrateS August 06, 2007
Top Definition
vb intr. - messed up, broken, not functioning according to design
(vb. trans. - kack = break)
The sysadmin finally resigned himself to the fact that -- despite his best efforts -- the Linux server was kacked.
by Ed July 28, 2003
To execute, typically in gangland fashion.
He got kacked when he went to pick up the money.
by P. Wilson November 10, 2005
To shit, pooh, crap etc
Sorry about the smell, I've just kacked my pants
by Turkey January 12, 2005
to have gotten laid.
That girl is walking funny, she must have got kacked hard!
by Jason Berti November 30, 2007
Wrong, Not right, unapealing or unwanted
that girl is kacked.
by Karlito April 20, 2003
Shite. Like a wet fart or an accidental shitting of oneself.
" The poor wee cunt kack'ed his trollies again. Take him over there and hose him down."
by Teddawg July 11, 2016
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