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a word used to explain that something was blown up; describing explosion; often used in comic books
"It just went KABLAM-O... and then it was gone."
by Kimmie-Sue January 08, 2005
4 3
A tv acrtoon series that aired on Nickolodean in mid-90's. This show featured two comic-book like characters that hosted.
"yo, did you watch the new episode of KaBlam-o nast night?"
by jlax04 January 22, 2005
2 4
A big fat chick that sits in a car and shocks sink down, then you yell kablamo!!
Hey watch this fat chick get in her car *car sinks* KABLAMO!!
by Weeebaby October 05, 2010
4 7
This term was made by the Lonely Island in one of their tapes for their new comedy clip show AWESOMETOWN! It is basicaly another cheesy name for cool, started as a real term by me.
That party was totally Kablamo!
by Hot Black Girl April 25, 2009
3 18
A UK based rock band
by dj gibbo April 11, 2005
14 32
another word for BOOM! or POW! or BAM! or KABLOWE!!!
The volcano went Kablamo!
by Kc November 20, 2004
14 34
kablamo is actually a gang made of two girls that are so hardcore they make your momma jealouse. i mean they srsly make you want to punch babies.
kelli and brittany are so kablamo.
by hxckelli January 08, 2008
1 33