KV is an acronym which stands for Kevin Victory. However, it can also be used to describe anyone of commensurate popularity status. KV's are stand-out individuals, recognized for their striking looks, athletic prowess, academic prestige, exhilarant love-making, and enchanting personality. One is generally taken aback at the site of a KV, and in males, the site of a KV can cause a spontaneous erection.
Holy fucking shit! It's fucking KV! ...oh... look who's up (erection).
by IloveKV November 18, 2010
Top Definition
acronym for kissing virgin
Tim: see that girl over there, shes a kv.
Tom: really? but she's so hot?
by beaniebabie March 27, 2012
it is an acronym for Kliment Voroshilov, which were a series of heavy tanks created by the Soviet Union during WW2. Several of these tanks are used in the game World of Tanks. It's powerful but extremely slow.
Oh shit, a KV with derp gun on it. RUN!
by SiemaUSA October 15, 2011
A girl that is smoking hot and you would love to get with.
Damn, check out that girl man, I'd love to tap that ass, she is definately a KV.
by Mike February 17, 2004
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