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acronym for kissing virgin
Tim: see that girl over there, shes a kv.
Tom: really? but she's so hot?
#k #v #kissing #virgin #acronym
by beaniebabie March 27, 2012
it is an acronym for Kliment Voroshilov, which were a series of heavy tanks created by the Soviet Union during WW2. Several of these tanks are used in the game World of Tanks. It's powerful but extremely slow.
Oh shit, a KV with derp gun on it. RUN!
#kv #kliment voroshilov #kv1 #kv2 #kv13 #world #of tanks #soviet #russia #tank
by SiemaUSA October 15, 2011
KV is an acronym which stands for Kevin Victory. However, it can also be used to describe anyone of commensurate popularity status. KV's are stand-out individuals, recognized for their striking looks, athletic prowess, academic prestige, exhilarant love-making, and enchanting personality. One is generally taken aback at the site of a KV, and in males, the site of a KV can cause a spontaneous erection.
Holy fucking shit! It's fucking KV! ...oh... look who's up (erection).
#sexy #erection #ugly #charisma #father
by IloveKV November 18, 2010
roach motel
Her crib was kv
by Erin March 11, 2003
A girl that is smoking hot and you would love to get with.
Damn, check out that girl man, I'd love to tap that ass, she is definately a KV.
by Mike February 17, 2004
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