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1 definition by KvS-THB-LENS-RASP

An alcoholic beverage consisting of a full glass of Skol Vodka and one packet of Crystal Light powder. In order to achieve the desired consistency, the powder MAY NOT be fully dissolved into the vodka. The KvS is typically consumed in a four round fashion, with the listed effect for each round.
1.) Tipsy
2.) Drunk
3.) Blackout - Shitty
4.) Vomiting - Exposure of "Glory Parts"

P.S. - The disgusting, gritty aftertaste of each individual drink epitomizes the KvS.
Common Usage:

Fart: "Dude, what happened to you last night?"
Heatton: "The KvS. It destroyed me."
Fart: "You should thank Kinky and Rasp."
Heatton: "I did. At least I came up with a new drink. And the whole school drinks it, too."
by KvS-THB-LENS-RASP December 23, 2010