nuts as in balls. KP well known brand of Salted Peanuts and also the initials of England cricketer Kevin Pietersen
His first delivery, a rank long-hop, surprises KP, who misses the ball and is struck in the, er, KPs.
by Ian Garrett September 05, 2007
Top Definition
Kings Point Sucks. Can be found in mostly in bars in many ports all over the world, anywhere KP cadets go while at sea it will appear. Sometimes appears in the strangest of places
KPS 05
Usually followed by a class year
by B April 27, 2004
Kibblez Depression Syndrome, A state in which you are depressed constantly and are having a relation to an asshole
Damn that girl has KPS
by Marmotious June 29, 2003
my nickname, aka kapslock
neomax: where's kaps?
kps joins #channel
kps: hi
neomax: =)
by kps October 23, 2004
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