To kick, then ban one from a community.
<Comprox> !kb Silent_But_Violent Omg pwnh4x
by Arby February 08, 2003
high-quality sensimilla marijauna, abbr. Kind Bud(s)
K.B. may be more expensive, but it's better for you.
by jim June 24, 2003
one of the realest cats in G-burg
"Yo hit up K.B. so we can get the paty poppin"
by Bleezy February 20, 2007
This is an acronym for "Okay, bye." There are many different contexts in which this would make sense

1. In place of goodbye, see you later, etc.
2. When a conversation topic has been exhausted and it is time for a new topic to be introduced, saying "kb" indicates that you both agree to start talking about something new
3. When you are talking about something that you suddenly realize you do not want to discuss, saying "kb" would mean that you no longer want the person to interrogate you about said topic
1. Yo Chelsea, I'm going to go to bed, kb.
2. *awkward silence*
Person 1: kb new topic
3. Person 1: So I was making out with this guy named Kyle, and he was awesome.
Person 2: Kyle, as in... my cousin?
Person 1: Kb. So what did you say was happening in Africa again?
by shshshannon January 01, 2011
1)Shortened for Knock-back. When someone asks another to have sex with them but they reject the asker.

2)Now commonly used in the Uk as rejected
1) 'Hey baby wanna shag?'
'No thanks.'
'Omg you like totally kb'd me

2) You start talking to someone and they ignore you
Aaah! KB
by BettyTom October 05, 2007
Acronym (kā-bē)

Stands for 'Kids Belly', used to describe someone who has a very low constitution for alcohol.
'...he was so drunk last night he had to go home early, what a KB'
by PanHandle February 26, 2010
Kick-Banned, as in kicked out of a room, channel, etc. On the internet, and then having either your account, IP, or anything above this blocked all access
On Irc

Person: 0mGz t0t41ly 4w3s0m3 t3x7
Mod has kicked person
Mod sets mode +b personipaddress/Person
Person2: Person just got kb'd
by Delangelo April 01, 2008

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