1. Killer bud
2. Killa Beez - this is the most aggressive territorial bee known; male often kills any bee who enters his territory; this bee represents the core members of the Wu-tang clan (straight from Wu-tang manual).
3. (KB) kilobytes
4. (kb) kilobits
1. I got some KB let's get stoned, blitzed, bent, wasted, high, blasted, and bombed.
2a. Mobb deep - Killa bee who still livin'.
2b. Wu-Tang - Killa beez on the swarm.
3. Remember when we had those shitty 110 KB 5 1/4'' floppy disks?
4. Remember when we had those shitty 56 kbps dial-up modems?
by Gman3154 May 19, 2007
Top Definition
Kitchen Bitch
Do you know what KB stands for? Kitchen bitch...so get off your ass and do the dishes, KB.

Oh, I thought it stood for "Go fuck yourself".
by T01 May 17, 2009
Kitchen Bitch: a person that is made to cook both at home and possibly at work as well
Justin is a Kitchen Bitch for his work and at home
by Bryan December 31, 2004
acronym for "kickback"
Kickback: a get-together consisting of close friends, partying and drinking. always hosted at an individual's house, a kickback consists of friends getting together to engage in party activities such as drinking etc., without the hassle and drawbacks of a big party. although an invite verbal or otherwise is not necessary it is understood that a kickback is friends only and is not to exceed 20 or 30 persons. a good option for those not wishing to get their house trashed. not to be confused with a party or rager.
KB at my place tomorrow.
by fruityness105 February 06, 2011
In the financial world, it is an Australian acronym standing for Kinky Banker used to describe a very driven young woman who is attractive, fiercely competitive and intrinsically motivated.
Claira always gets what she wants, when she wants it! She's the original KB!
by Malteaser24 October 10, 2011
Kb: Knowledge Base

- Used by websites to store information pertaining their product and information about it. Usually more detailed than the standalone manual that comes with the product, these are usually used for virus databases, computer technicians, and Microsoft as a whole.
Hey check out support.microsoft.com/, they have a great KB!
by kairei November 14, 2011
Kaboom, A massive gun malfunction that happens when a round is fired: this causes the weapon to blow up and may injure the shooter. This usually happens to old guns or to those who reload their ammo improperly
K-Rock was cappin down some bloods when his gat kB'd and blew off his trigger finger.
by Gus Brucker March 06, 2005
To kick, then ban one from a community.
<Comprox> !kb Silent_But_Violent Omg pwnh4x
by Arby February 08, 2003
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