Hepatitus A caused by poop on the ovaries, most commonly found in cranky girls who have been stepped on.
"Mann! i just got back from the doctor's, looks i have a bad case of justin!"
by pamkyra1423 August 30, 2011
Unbelievably sketchy. All the time.
Look at that kid. Lookin' like Justin.
by joe.mommaaaaaaa May 19, 2011
Somebody who is nice as shit in track. They blow by scrubs in the hurdles with no problem but somehow the scrubs come back asking for more. He/she will even leave their track spikes at the meet afterwards, discretely boasting that Nike will just send him a fresh new pair tomorrow.
Mark and Eric got smoked in track by a justin
by w3!n3rZ March 24, 2011
To be clueless, obtuse and just not get the point.
Girl 1: I have told him every way I can think of that I'm not interested. Explained it for over an hour!
Girl 2: He is such a Justin.
by got-gregged January 09, 2011
Douchebag/mcfaggle/idiot end of story.
We all know a justin thats a mcfaggle!
by Ihateyouendofstory January 02, 2011
The name of a sorry-ass little brat that steals girls from guys with better personalities.
"Honey, I'm pregnant. Meet the father. His name is Justin. We met the other day, but we're already engaged!"
by Andrew the Introvert September 17, 2012
A. The biggest douche bag in the entire world.. Usually a cheating lying asshole.

B. pulling a "Justin" (lying to go cheat)
A. Girl 1: I dated a Justin once..

Girl 2:.. Bad luck on that one..

B. Guy: Yeah dude i pulled a Justin last night...
by BaddestBitch<3 August 09, 2011

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