An evil satanic 10 year old girl trying to take over the universe with his horrible singing.
May the Gods have mercy on Justin Beiber
by Greekian1 May 07, 2016
A female being who indulged in massive amounts of semen which resulted to an anti christ voice and currently is coming out as a lesbian.
Tween girl: I am a fan of Justin Beiber
Parents:It's okay sweetheart, we will love you no matter what your gender is.
by Ineedluv November 19, 2015
A piece of crap 15 year old who cannot sing for shit. Got booed at a basketball game because he sucks.
"That escalated quickly." Justin Beiber sucks.
by Will ferell May 05, 2015
he is a big f*cking fag
by catfuzz January 30, 2015
A gay little faggot who sings horribly to get paid more money. Justin Beiber has been doing a lot of bad stuff like spitting on fans, peeing in the jail floor and in kitchen, yelling because the airplane can't hold a monkey and a pig so he waits 8 hours to get a private jet, abounding a pet monkey, going to jail for drugs and drag racing, egging a house next door, smokes weed, takes drugs, trying to act like a gangster, thinking Usher is his best celebrity friend, singing horribly, getting one of his gay music videos which doesn't deserve to get views get 1 billion views (thank god PSY has more views than the slut) and he thinks Anne Frank would be a believer.

He is a big disgrace to the Canadian people BUT he also has a lot of fan girls- also has several JB fan armies

The Justin Beiber fans are stupid and don't even know any good music and acts just like him and just try's to fuck up the non believers by acting slutty to them and trying to defend Justin beiber.
I wished Justin Beiber stopped making stupid music!
by KumonSucks July 06, 2014
A short, tiny, weak, useless and idiotic man-girl who has never gone through puberty and acts like the world revolves around him. Did I also mention that he sounds a lot like a dying cat being raped, tortured and stabbed to death?
The idiot who sang that song with the lyrics "Baby, baby, baby, oh." You know, Justin Beiber.
by ThisIsAReallyLongNamePenisssss November 13, 2014
a malevolent alien being come down to earth that wears the skin of a prepubescent boy. His objective is to create popular music with a hidden sound that will kill human brain cells, when the majority of humans have been turned into vegetables his species will come to earth and ingest the human race. Justin Beibers commonly target children, mainly young girls with simple thoughtless high pitched music about love. a Justin Beiber's only weakness is the sound of rock or metal that dates before the year 2000, any other music will simply increase its manipulative ability, exposing it to rock or metal will cause intense pain in its eyes, ears and brain, prolonged exposure should cause multiple strokes and heart attacks eventually pressure in the brain will cause its head to explode. exposing the brain directly to rock with headphones should cause instant decapitation
guy #1:i had a dream i was in a flying saucer with a Justin Beiber, he tried to kill me but when he got near my ipod he fell down and died, weird dream huh?

guy #2: that was real! you got abducted by the beibers!
by randomguy#212 December 09, 2010
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