a disney prop-up, only marketable to little girls and sycophants; miley cyrus in what are vaguely described as men's clothing
man, did you see the awards? miley did a good job. what? oh, justin beiber?
by doctorneptuneaway! November 22, 2010
I have no idea who this is because is you're looking for JUSTIN BIEBER his name is not spelled this way. Just FYI.
1: DO you spell that amazing singer's name B-E-I-B-E-R?
2: No!!! It's B-I-E-B-E-R!!!
1: Oops! I'll never make that mistake again!!
2: You better not!!!

Remember, it's not justin beiber, it's justin bieber.
by ahfreakingmazing April 06, 2011
See wangster
Just see wangster, that pretty much Justin Beiber
by dfgyuihygfdxfjnkhg February 20, 2010
a pre-pubescent squeaky-voiced child that is the leader of a psuedo-cult of little kids
Grown man: Hey, why has my dick shriveled back into my body like a vagina?

Younger sister: Its Justin Beiber!
by JustinBeiberFan September 23, 2010
The biggest faggot of all time. He single-handily destroyed the music career. This kid will never go through puberty. All of his songs he talks about love. Hes 15, but he looks like hes 5.
Who's that chick on the radio? I think its Justin Beiber. Oh that chicks ugly as a dead cat!
by SlimTyler May 07, 2010
16 year old gay rapper that is only enjoyed by girls that don't have a life. He- uh, I mean she is a faggot and when she dies, there will be one less lonely girl. She is such a BABY BABY BABY OOOOOO!! More like "POTTY POTTY POTTY URGGGRHGGH!!! His first album is called "My world". His world would be back with her gay lover. He- oops, she- uh, "it" should never have walked the earth to annoy us.
Girl without life: Hey, that Justin Beiber concert was awesome! I don't care what any stupid boys think, hes so haaaaawt! If someone says something bad about him, I wont be hurt!
Guy: Dude, Justin Beiber is so fucking gay.
Guy: Nice proformance.
by McPherson4 May 10, 2010
Total ladies man.. all the girls wanna get wit him n all the guys secretley wanna be him. He has the voice of a baby angel its truely mesmorizing and to the rest of yall haytaz u could kill yoself!
International superstar justin beiber, sold out concerts everday of the week
by Nora Burke December 14, 2010

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