Is the Aaron Carter equivalent but a few feet smaller and can be easily mistaken for a girl. Essentially is the same wannabe almost Disney Star like crap yet he dosen't have Hilary Duff nor puberty.
Girl 1- Hey look! its Aaron Carter!
Girl 2- (looks closely at small person) Um... I dont think that's Aaron...
Girl 1- Why say that? it looks just like him!
Girl 2- Hear the girly voice? notice that he is not even 5ft tall?
Girl 1- oh yeah... its just Justin Beiber, what a rip off!
#aaron carter #hilary duff #justin beiber #girly voice #no puberty
by PGZC August 17, 2010
Top Definition
The definition of horrible rapping. Can sing because he ain't no gangster. Says shorty way too much, when he is the skinniest kid Ive ever seen. Has deusional fans who dont know the definition of good music or cute boys. He should get into love ballads.
That kid sings like Justin Beiber
#justin #beiber #horrible #no #shorty #crazy #annoying #fans
by No like justin beiber July 28, 2009
Gay of the gays. a little canadian buttercup who sounds like he's constipated when he signs. Also, he doesn't want anything to do with Meagan Watson, due to her obsessive nature over his 4 year old ball sack.
"Justin Beiber reminds me of a dying giraffe when he sings"

"Meagan Watson wants Justin Beiber's babies, only Justin Beiber is a baby himself."
#sucks #little child #stalker #canadian #weak #dumb #ugly #non-tke
by Sunshine647 October 05, 2009
Some 11 year old faggot who thinks he can sing. He is a disgrace to music. 11-14 year old tweens love him. No one loves him. Stop standing up for him. He is a brat, a twit, and I'm personally the only female who hates him with a firey soul. Justin Beiber will never get laid. Justin Beiber will never get the girl. Justin Beiber will never love you.

Me: I should slap you. He is a disgrace.

Justin Beiber Fan: Pssh! YA RIGHT! Ur jeluze cuz you wont marry him wen ur older, unlik meee!

Me: Right -eyeroll-
#justin beiber #faggot #disgrace #wannabe #hate
by AgonizedAnnie December 22, 2009
An extremly annoying kid who sounds like he is a 7 year old, trys to be ganster, (But fails) says shawty, sings about love when he is 14, and if they made a chipmunk version of one of his songs, it would sound exactly the same. :)

Person: Why are you singing Justin Beiber.

Hobo: He is a chipmunk!

Person: No. That just his actual voice.
#justin #beiber #annoying #rapper #gay #fagg #lesbian #bi-sesxual #fugly.
by weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeedhdhjdhdfjdfj December 23, 2009
10 year old kid who needs to die.
Justin Beiber should seriously just go kill himself, and do the world a favor.
#likes #cock #in #his #ass
by justinbshouldjumpoffacliff December 07, 2009
A nearly male version of Miley Cyrus. Canadian. Wanna-be gangster who acts like Usher is his best friend. Fans of his are usually 7 year old Disney fan-girls.
"Justin Beiber is a disgrace to Canada"
#miley #cyrus #justin #beiber #canada
by Snape loves you January 25, 2010
an un- talented douchebag that Usher has brought us. He sounds like he swallowed hellium from a balloon every time he sings.
Matt: Man, that guys got a Justin beiber voice.

Rick: Is that a good thing?

Matt: I said JUSTIN BEIBER voice.

Rick: oh, poor guy.
#justin beiber #faggot #no talent #loser #hellium
by blueeyedbird January 23, 2010
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