"The Beibs" for short. A horrible disease which causes lack of talent, high pitched voice, and stupid looking hair. Also causes preteen girls to follow the victim everywhere and worship them.
Hey, how's it going Bill?

Not so good, I think I caught a bad case of the Beibs.

How can you tell?

Well, my hair is looking Douchier every day and there are some young girls following me everywhere. Eventually, I'll look exactly like Justin Beiber.

That's horrible, get away!
by The Guy In That Band And Stuff December 31, 2011
the thing that sucks.
No example for you, bitch face. justin beiber
by fucking gay bitch March 28, 2011
A girl who disguises herself as a boy and sings annoying songs about love in order to get 12 year old girls to like her
Girl: OMG! I have such a crush on Justin Beiber!
Boy: You do know that Justin Beiber is a girl in disguise, right?
by Goldenfur productions May 22, 2011
Why the hell are you looking for that fucking castated baboon?
No one gives a fuck about him!
Person: I want to kow who Justin Beiber is!

everyone else in the room: NO YOU DON'T
by ZZ978 January 26, 2011
The gay ass kid who thinks he's a rock star when he actually spends his days sucking cock. His voice sounds higher then a girls voice, this is because he has/will never hit puberty and because he is and has a pussy. He pretends he is black by sagging, wearing the color purple and wear snapbacks.
by iHaTeOnJuStInBeIbEr May 15, 2011
Another word for faggot.
Guy 1: I think i love Sarah

Guy 2: DUDE! She's 5 years younger than you, she's fat, ugly as shit, and shes a lesbian!

Guy 1: I know that's why i love her.

Guy 2: How much of a Justin Beiber can u be?
by zeldafan13 November 14, 2011
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