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To be vindicated for a wrong done to you.
John got justified when Bill went lost his dog.
Justified is a past tense of Justify.
by smitty134 September 17, 2010
The ability to be a total swine/moron/idiot/liar and then when discovered to whine/moan/complain and make out that its everyones problem and fault but not yours.
"My God, I cannot believe it- first he sleeps with his sister while she was passed out- and then he did a total Justify on the situation!"

"I know I stole it, but it wasn't my fault- let me Justify!"
by Vezy July 10, 2008
Grouping of a fleeting harvest station, carried out by General Hogwash.
"Justify my love"
by Geoff March 27, 2003