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An absolutely beautiful, striking and extraordinarily tall woman. A woman whose smile is warmer than the sun on a summer day and whose love can melt a persons heart like butter (or margarine) in a microwave. A beautiful amazon woman who towers above women and men and turns heads wherever she goes.
Damn, did you see her bro? She's so damn hot, what a total Justa.
by LegoBoy March 12, 2010
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These kind of people are usually the most annoying ones in the group of friends. If there is a Justa in your group of friends, chances are everyone hates her but she doesn't know it. She gets pissed off at everything and its the most satisfying moment in life when you see her sitting alone in a corner in silent anger. She has the most annoying laugh that echoes out into the wilderness and letting it be mistaken for a mating call to hippos. Its quite ironic because Justas are usually quite large themselves.
Lilith: So.. I hung out with Justa today.
Marge: LOLthatsucks.
Lilith: ...... I KNOW!!!
Lil: !!!!! *.*
by Green Been August 26, 2008

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