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In the dynamics of heterosexual relations human males are often confronted by human females reluctant to engage in coitus. In such situations a human male may initiate a game called "Just the tip", which represents a suggested compromise in the age old battle of the sexes. In a typical game of "Just the tip" it will be verbally agreed that the male
may penetrate his partner's vagina, but with stipulation that his may only insert the glans or "tip" of his penis.

The female payoff is that she may avoid both physical pain and/or social ostracism, while the male enjoys limited coitus. In many cases, it is documented that upon insertion a formally reluctant female may become to open to allowing the male other sexual largesse; hence the games popularity.
Sally : No Robert, I told you I'm not ready yet. You haven't even said you love me.

Bob : Sally, it's been three weeks and we've been seeing other every other Tuesday. I think we're ready for this.

Sally : I'm not some slut Bob, I've hardly even ever had a penis in me.

Bob : Look Sally baby .... we can compromise, I think we're ready, but how 'bout you know ... "Just the tip". I promise if it hurts at all I'll pull out.
by Darker April 07, 2010
"Just the tip" means just the tip of your cock goes in your girls pussy when your trying to get laid.
"Come on, just the tip, just for a minute, just to see how it feels."
by SB "I'm so hot right now" August 15, 2005
A game defined by what it never actually is.
Q: So did you get some last night?

A: I got her to play Just the Tip.

Q: And . . ?

A: Dude, you know it's never just the tip.
by Parhelion July 30, 2008
during vaginal intercourse, when the man inserts "just the tip" of his penis.
Vince vaugh uses this phrase when describing the pain of dating to his secretary in "The Wedding Crashers"...."play a little game of just the tip"
by Meltin August 01, 2005
When a physician tries to insert a q-tip into "just the tip" of a male patient's penis for std testing since the patient somehow gets so many of his dates to have sex with him despite their initial refusal.
In doctor's office

Doctor: "I will now insert this q-tip about an inch into your penis."

Man: "Like hell you won't!"

Doctor: "Aw come'on, it's "just the tip."
by brackish52 June 26, 2011
The plea you use when in a total twist of fate, you finally decide to have sex with a dude after three years of celibacy and he won't have intercourse with you.
You: I'm ready. Let's have sex.
Dude: I can't. I made a promise to God.
You: C'mon man, just the tip. God won't know.
by thundersnow December 07, 2010
The best part of the cock and the only part worth having inside.

Because: The internal walls of the vagina itself do not have a great supply of nerve endings, thus are not very sensitive to touch. The outer one-third of the vagina, especially near the opening, contains nearly 90 percent of the vaginal nerve endings and therefore is much more sensitive to touch than the inner two-thirds of the vaginal barrel.
He wanted to play just the tip, but why bother, the tips the only part worth it.

No, I still don't want more than the tip.. don't you know anything about amazing sex!
by naughtyschoolgirl November 07, 2009
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