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A game defined by what it never actually is.
Q: So did you get some last night?

A: I got her to play Just the Tip.

Q: And . . ?

A: Dude, you know it's never just the tip.
by Parhelion July 30, 2008
To smoke weed until you're retarded, as Down's Syndrome is cause by the presence of an extra chromosome.
Chich : We finished a quarter ounce between us last night, man. I think I'm still kinda faced.

Chung : Shit son, you don't watch out you'll smoke yourself a spare chromosome.
by Parhelion October 18, 2008
A particularly small sexually desirable woman.
Seriously, Salma Hayek is only like five-foot-two or something . . . total dick thimble.
by Parhelion July 30, 2008
A mixture of PCP and cocaine. You can "do a slushy" or "get slushy." A good way to get crippled or incarcerated.
"Hey, this party doesn't have enough fights going on. Let's get slushy and fix that."

"Naw, I don't do no slushy no more. Blacked out one night, woke up behind a 7-11 missing these two front teeth. I'll stick to soft shit like Adderall thanks.
by Parhelion February 12, 2009

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