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Generic term for all social networking sites. Derived from a mixture of myspace and facebook. Usually used in a derogatory fashion.
Guy 1: Hey did you see my latest status update? It roxxors!!!11
Guy 2: Dood, you are constantly on myface. Give it a rest.
by thundersnow December 07, 2010
Doing something unsolicited and extremely unwelcome to another. Additionally, wise advice that every heterosexual male in a committed relationship should heed. Also abbreviated as dsydimb.

This phrase arises from the bewildering and hostility-invoking belief that a girl will get turned on and want to have sex if her partner sticks his erect dick in her back while she is trying to sleep. For unknown reasons, all heterosexual males engage in this behavior with their significant other and seem not to notice or ever learn that foreplay or some other less aggravating tactic would actually be far more effective.
YourMom: Hey, I signed you up as a counselor at Carol's kid's churchcamp this summer.
Lil Lis: Don't stick your dick in my back, man.

Next example:
Guy: Wake up Jane, I want to have sex.
Gal: Don't stick your dick in my back. Now I just want to kill you.
by thundersnow December 10, 2010
The act of removing someone from your conversations and/or life by not updating them when you change your email or other social networking contact information. Also accomplished by defriending them on social networking sites.
Guy 1: Do your emails keep getting returned when you email Stacie?
Guy 2: Man, I think you got talkblocked.
by thundersnow December 07, 2010
Abbreviation for don't stick your dick in my back. Doing something unsolicited and extremely unwelcome to another.
Guy 1: Yo!! I added you to my mafia in Mafia Wars!!1 Now you'll get notified every time I need help in Las Vegas, Italy, Moscow, etc...!!!!
Guy 2: dsydimb dood
by thundersnow December 14, 2010
The plea you use when in a total twist of fate, you finally decide to have sex with a dude after three years of celibacy and he won't have intercourse with you.
You: I'm ready. Let's have sex.
Dude: I can't. I made a promise to God.
You: C'mon man, just the tip. God won't know.
by thundersnow December 07, 2010
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