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A phrase that causes great confusion in communication between Brits and South Africans. In Britain it mean "immediate past". In South Africa it means "immediate future" or "sometime soon.. when I feel like it.. maybe never".
British teacher: Have you finished the work I set you just now?
South African student: I'll do it just now.
by Schmunzelmonster September 01, 2008
Used in the Carribean, especially Guyana...Anywhere from one minute from now...to never gonna happen...
You will get your computer just now...(Well that was 2 years ago!)
by M-dot Shell June 30, 2005
a term used (particularly in england and the west indies) to say "in a minute" or "one second".
"Come down for dinner!!"
"Okay, mom. I'll come just now!!"
by ohwhatnow June 11, 2005